Calendar of the 1st Term 2015/2016

  Date Day Week Subject










School begins for Grades 4-12

School begins for Grade 3 & KG3

School begins for Grade 2 & KG2

School begins for Grade 1 & KG1

2 18-28/9/2015 Friday - Monday 4-6 Hajj break
3 28-29/10/2015<o= :p> Wednesday - Thursday 10 Parent-Teacher Meetings
4 20/12/2015 – 7/1/2016 Sunday – Thursday 18-20 Final Exams of the  1st semester
5 14/1/2016 Thursday 21 End of the 1st semester


What Parents Say

We pay a lot of attention to our children's education. I would say we are "perfectionists", yet AIS exceeded our expectation in terms of individualised education and blending learning with social. My daughter's teacher demonstrated good understanding of her characteristics which makes us happy.
Mr. Ahmed Al-Rashed: Team Leader, STC
My son finished the 5th grade and my daughter finished the 3rd grade when we moved to England for my graduate study. They had appropriate the level of language proficiency and academic achievement so they enrolled in England public schools with no problems what so ever. Thanks to AIS.
Parent: Medical Doctor

Our Core Beliefs

We aspire to realise the maximum potential of each student, not only developing outstanding academic achievement, but also nurturing physical development, social skills and Islamic values.

We at AIS believe in

  • cultural diversity and global awareness.
  • a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment.
  • advanced learning environment that enhances students critical thinking.
  • a school that encourages moral and academic development of each student.
  • partnership between school administration, teachers, parents, students and community.
  • each student’s uniqueness, right to learn and potential.

Our Acceptance Rate 

Below are the acceptance rate indicators for the academic year 2014/2015. The rates are based on the actual number of students admitted to AIS divided by the actual number of applications received via myAIS application system.

Kindergarten 1-3 (62%)
62%% Complete
Grade 1-6 (40%)
40%% Complete
Grade 7-9 (39%)
39% Complete
Grade 10-12 (44%)
44% Complete

AIS Quality Indicators 

The AIS quality indicators are implemented in the following contexts: School Context (leadership, goals, professional community, discipline, and academic environment), Classrooms Context (course content, pedagogy, technology, and class size), and Teachers Context (skills, assignment, experience, and professional development).

We also take educational outputs into consideration such as educational attainment, graduation and learning achievement, gender, and social outcomes of education. Other dimensions that we pay attention to include financial and human resource, learning environment and organisation of AIS, which provides indicators on teacher characteristics, salaries, teaching time, class size, school decision-making, and examinations.

Below are 4 basic quality indicators collected form AIS enterprise resource planner (myAIS). We will be displaying here various updated indicators from time to time. 

Average class size in students
Student-teacher ratio
% of female students
% of new students acceptance

AIS Demography

AIS has a diverse community from 58 countries speaking 36 languages. The visualisation below shows the percentages of AIS students classified according to gender, nationality and grade.

Success Partners